Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baertsch Grove flooding and new Rose Valley Church Basement

On the weekend of June 21-22, 2010, a small flash flood raced along Twelve Mile Creek through the historic Baertsch Grove, Stop #15 of the Sod & Stubble Heritage Back Road.

The road down into the northern entrance of the Grove is dry until you get into the center.  It gets a bit sticky after that. 
Deep into the Grove the sun never really shines, and so the road can remain soaked and muddy for days after any sizable moisture. 

The view of the road heading west through the Grove.  At this point the overhanging growth continues for three-quarters of a mile.

The view of the road heading east through the Grove.  To the right is a large tree that storms and the flood combined to come down in the roadway. 

The marker for the Baertsch Grove, Stop #15 on the Sod & Stubble Country Heritage Back Road, was torn out of the ground by the small flood.

On the morning of Wednesday, June 30, 2010 the foundation for a new basement to the Rose Valley United Methodist Church was poured.  This basement will replace the original one built in 1946 and will feature handicapped accessibility, with modern bathrooms and a modern kitchen. 

The Rose Valley Church for the moment sits on pilings next to the foundation excavation.  Weather will depend on when the construction is completed and a dedication of the church is determined, though the hope is to do so by the fall of 2010.  The bathroom in the nearby parsonage is available to visitors for "emergencies!"  The Rose Valley Church is Stop #15 on the Sod & Stubble Heritage Back Road.